modern process for home architecture design

Our Process for Home Architecture Design

First and foremost, Brown Design Group is professional. You can relax knowing that your vision is understood, that design concepts will be presented in an intelligent way and that a clear financial relationship will allow for a strong foundation of lasting trust.

Creating a cohesive environment that is beautiful, functional and truly reflective of your soul is difficult and can be quite overwhelming. A home is created by more than just putting together a collection of furniture and fabrics. There must be an emotional integration. We relate the architecture of the space to the furniture, fabrics, paint, hardware, light fixtures, cabinetry details and finishes. We excel at expressing a sense of balance and tranquility by designing all of the elements to be in harmony. There is the success of a point of view, not achieved with every design firm.

You will also have access to the best sources for lighting, fabrics, window coverings, furnishings and artwork. The Brown Design Group will do all of the research for the best possible solutions.

Every great space has to start somewhere and can benefit from Corinne's unique point of view, even if you only need to choose paint colors, improve a single room or replace furnishings or window coverings to projects all over the country. Whether the location is an apartment in NYC, a beach house, desert house, lake house, or ski house, Brown Design Group has the resources and expertise required.

Beginning with architectural design for your home

Corinne and her firm can execute very large projects, beginning in the architectural phase and see them through to perfect completion addressing every detail.

While the Brown Design Group is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Mammoth Lakes, California, Corinne regularly travels to diverse locations all over the country. By making extremely good use of new technology and with excellent communication skills, all things can be accomplished!