modern interior design

I thrive on creating environments, systems, and situations. Always improving and enhancing, I love to use old things to ground, craftsmanship to add character and quality for depth.

I am deeply interested in philosophies, ideas, customs, stories and objects that have stood the test of time. I appreciate appropriateness and traditional comes naturally.

I like to simplify and pare down décor and schedules. I try to take into account everyone’s needs and the situation at hand.

I love discovering patterns and often find the best expression in contemporary design.

I have an innate ability to recognize and analyze patterns, create structure and devise plans for others to follow. I balance a desire for structure and simplicity with a flowing creative outlet.

I take pride in what I do. Integrity in actions and choices is my guiding principle and trust is my ultimate goal.

My motto is quality + endurance = Luxuriousness.

My look and feel is: classic, custom, traditional, warm, solid, durable yet refined, always focusing on quality. I move from tailored to graceful and comfortable; range from Old World to contemporary design, depending on elements that never go out of style.

My desire is to create warm personal and inviting homes for people that I care about.

Corinne Brown, ASID